Eye prosthetics by Medi-Vega - high quality eye prostheses, traditionally produced

Products ecto-prostheses by Medi-Vega

  • Ecto-prostheses:
    1. individual eye prostheses
    2. cosmetic flakes
    3. eyes, noses, soft and hard tissues

Produced of polymethylmetacrylat and silicon, and when necessary, in cases of allergy and other problems, of ceramics and other materials. As for modifications, prostheses can be hard, soft (elastic) or combined (hard base with elastic surface, depending on the necessity).

  • Surgical prostheses made of polymethylmetacrylat.
  • Prostheses for localization of a foreign body with a frame of reference
  • Prostheses blepharostats made of polymethylmetacrylat
  • Wire blepharostats of orthodontic wire with different thickness
  • Kerato-prostheses made of titanium, Teflon, nail of the patient, with plexiglass optics
  • Implants made of polymethylmetacrylat and silicon. They could be round, oval, flat of different sizes. Special individual manufacture is possible when necessary

Up to this moment, there is no data of another company in the world which owns a technology for production of silicon or combined eye prostheses.